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22nd-Oct-2013 04:35 pm - Just in Case You Stumble In Here
I moved my blogs to Wordpress, but I thought I'd mention that in 2014, my CQJP project is going to be a return to the moms cq blocks! I began planning this project in the summer of 2007, and began working on it in December of that year, I think. I worked more or less steadily until the spring of 2009, when my husband had cataract surgery. From that time on, I worked on it very little. Paul died the following spring, and for a long time I didn't work on anything. I've been doing other CQ the last two years, but next year is the year of the Moms!

Here are some of the ones that are already finished.



25th-Aug-2012 12:14 am - Moving blog to WordPress
Red Alert!

LJ continues to have problems with uploading pictures, so I am moving this blog to Wordpress also. The new link is cq4fun. I haven't finished doing anything except importing all the posts. Not even the photos have been personalized on the header yet, though I rather like the one that's on there. Sidebar refinements will happen after my trip to NC this weekend.
24th-Aug-2012 10:13 pm - Recent stitching on the August CQJP
Click for close.

TAST stitch (Pekinese) from Aug. 14:

Stitch from the antique Singer 100 Crazy Patchwork Stitches card:

Bit of antique lace:

Now I'm off to North Carolina for a turn-around weekend visit with each of my sons. Long, stressful, and overdue.
20th-Aug-2012 12:45 pm - FOL: August block, #8
Right on track today! Here's the August Pattern link.

18th-Aug-2012 07:01 pm - August CQJP Started

First, a little inspiration from something I saw on Misha's blog post.

Next, something that didn't turn out quite the way I imagined, but I will bead it to perk it up. It's from The Stitches of Creative Embroidery by Jacqueline Enthoven, p. 38, #12.

And finally, something from the same book, but page 155, #331.

Not as much as it should be, but better than nothing. =)
11th-Aug-2012 06:12 pm - Little Bit of CQ
This is on a round robin block from my Sewbuds group. The Cast On stitch was the TAST stitch for this week, and it's used on the feather stitch on this triangle.

This is her whole block.

7th-Aug-2012 12:10 pm - CQJP2012 July Reveal
Days late and many dollars short, that's me. But here is as much as July is getting for now. There will be fill-ins around the edges when I sew the blocks together.

Here are the up-and-down buttonhole (almost invisible because I chose the wrong blue to put on the green, but it's there!), the Algerian Eye, and the oyster stitch. The Algerian Eye looks like spiders to me, and I'll probably do something with that when I sew on here more.

Here's the whole block together. It reflects, in the unfinished sections, the lack of time I had during July! The bird section also needs some outlining, but I'm moving on to August or I'll be WAY behind.

Now to find time to start August and work on the CQRR that came my way a couple of weeks ago!
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